Robert Pattinson Responded to a “Strange” Viral Deepfake About Himself


Actor Robert Pattinson reacted to a “bizarre” deepfake about himself that went viral on TikTok, showing that even people who know him well were deceived by the video.

Deepfakes, synthetic media in which a person’s image can be placed in an existing image, have confused TikTok users in several different accounts.

Several fake accounts have appeared in the application, in which people digitally change themselves to become someone else quite convincingly, for example, the account “Deep Tom Cruise”, which has more than five million subscribers in the application.

Batman actor Robert Pattinson was also exposed to this trend: the TikTok account “unreal_robert” created a number of videos with deepfakes of the actor, which in many cases went viral.


Hey TikTok! Who is gonna teach me how to dance? #robertpattinson #robertpattinsonedit #pattinson #dance

♬ Sea Shanty Medley – Home Free

In an interview with ES magazine, Pattinson shared his thoughts on the bizarrely accurate deepfake videos and said that even people who know him have been fooled by them.

“I know it’s terrible,” he said. “The number of people who know me pretty well and will still be like this: “Why are you doing these weird dance videos on TikTok?”

He went on to say, “This is really weird. You just realize that we are two years away from it being indistinguishable from reality—and what the hell am I going to do as a job then?”

The unreal_robert account has more than a million subscribers, and their most viewed videos have gained more than 33 million views.

The comment sections of these videos are filled with viewers who still can’t grasp the fact that it’s not really Robert, and it’s safe to say that several people were deceived when it first appeared on their “For You” page. .


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