Robert Pattinson ready to make a new film with Kristen Stewart?


Can Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart replay together?

Remember when it was discovered that the actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were in a relationship! Their beautiful romance had made a lot of talk.

Unfortunately the two end up leaving soon after. Indeed Robert Pattinson and the young woman decides to see other people.

But the tabloids are not recovering from their breakup! A real drama for them.

Many also speak of a “meeting” of the two actors over the years. So are they really new relatives?

Or is it just hallway noises? We do not really know.

In any case the British magazine OK! said the two actors would be working on a project together! Is it possible ?

Is this really true? Is the opportunity of a joint project real?

Besides Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart jumped on the occasion each on their side. However, working together is not an easy task for them.

Not because the two exes can’t, not because of the fans! Yes yes, the hysteria that is created every time they see each other drives them crazy.

After verification it seems that this story is just a rumor. Indeed, there is no joint project planned for the two actors.

Other rumors have also emerged on the same subject. But this time they are founded and only concern the young actor.

Indeed, the young man is very active professionally! We’ll find out in the new Batman with Zoe Kravitz.

He will also play in the film by Christopher Nolan Tenet. Robert Patinson is therefore in great demand and asked to participate in great films!


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