Robert Pattinson May Star In New Parasite Bong Joon-ho Movie


Robert Pattinson: On Wednesday, Deadline sources revealed that Bong Joon-ho, acclaimed director who won the 2020 Best Picture Oscar for Parasite, is in talks with Robert Pattinson to star in his new sci-fi feature Mickey7. .

According to reports, Bong Joon-ho and Warner Bros. have been talking to Pattinson and other actors in their 30s since late 2021, while working in the pre-production stages of Mickey7 alongside Dooho Choi, with subsidiary studios Kate Street Picture Company and Plan B.

The project would apparently be the result of a term signed by Pattinson in May of last year, when the actor signed a general agreement with Warner and HBO Max to star in original productions.

“Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO have always been synonymous with cinema innovation. I’m excited to work with them, discover the exciting new voices of film and television, and help bring their visions to life.” streaming.

Mickey7, an adaptation of Edward Ashton’s sci-fi novel, tells the story of a human expedition’s attempt to colonize the frozen world of Niflheim. The initiative, then, is the responsibility of the line of disposable employees Mickey, which is able to regenerate a person’s body and main memories after they are presumed dead.

So far, Warner has not confirmed the cast that should star in the adaptation or a possible premiere date. So, for now, all information should be treated as rumors.