Robert Pattinson looks like Bruce Wayne


Robert Pattinson sports a dark side of “Bruce Wayne” in the new images of “The Batman.” The Hollywood industry is slowly resuming its activities and is ready to surprise in 2021 with new releases and superhero stories from DC Comics, one of the fan favorites that will bring great battles and well-known characters to the big screen. one of them is the new version of Batman.

This weekend, DC held its online convention to publicize all the plans it has for next year, between premieres, adaptations, trailers and more from the world of comics. One of his most anticipated and criticized projects at the same time is “The Batman”, starring Robert Pattinson and which begins a new one in the history of the bat man.

Through social networks, the first images of the Briton as the respected businessman Bruce Wayne, the true identity of the hero of Gotham City, were leaked. The photos portray some cuts from the film and little by little the fans are convinced of Pattinson’s performance in the character.

The images that were revealed show “Bruce Wayne” in a kind of courtroom, wearing a suit and with a serious and somber demeanor. In another of the sequences, Robert appears with the Batman suit half, black eyes and his expression seems furious, the last photo is not so clear, but it portrays him in the middle of his workshop, preparing for some mission.

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The actor had to lie to get the Batman audition, because at that time he was filming a project with Christopher Nolan and wanted to keep everything a secret, but the director found out. LOL

DC is ready to win over comic book fans with its new projects, the situation is expected to improve by 2021 and premieres will be enjoyed in the traditional way, in theaters and with premieres in a big way.


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