Robert Pattinson lied so he could become Batman


Robert Pattinson confesses that he lied before landing the role of “Batman.” The actor, who was haunted by the shadow of the vampire “Edward Cullen”, has played various roles in his career and had never been presented with the opportunity to play an action hero, raising questions about his performance as the favorite character of DC Comics fans.

Since the news was revealed that Robert Pattinson would wear the Bat Man suit, social networks were divided in opinions about the new “Batman”, since the saga with Christian Bale was one of the favorites and Robert’s most popular character was the vampire “Cullen”.

According to an interview for the portal The Irish Times, the Briton confessed how the process was to get the role in the film of “The Batman” and admitted that he had to lie to be in the project. Que????

Robert explained that before being cast as the hero of Gotham City, he was in the middle of filming “Tenet,” the upcoming premiere by director Christopher Nolan, but everything about “Batman” was a big secret and he didn’t want to reveal your plans to anyone.

The actor had to lie to Nolan in order to attend the Warner Bros audition and invented having a family emergency so he could be absent; However, he was discovered and Nolan himself asked him if it was “Batman”. LOL

Robert was surprised because he assures that the director is very reserved with his projects as well and it was the same case with the DC movie, he also confessed that he was very angry when the news leaked that he would be the protagonist in the new story of the character.

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This comedic episode in Pattinson’s career proves that Hollywood keeps secrets under lock and key, unless you are a renowned film director. What would you have done in his place?


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