Robert Pattinson gives Positive to Covid-19


Robert Pattison has tested positive for Covid-19, which once again delayed the production of The Batman.

Production on The Batman was halted after star Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report citing sources close to the film’s production.

After halting production near the start of the pandemic and being off the grid for months, the film had recently returned to production in London.

News that it had been stopped again surfaced today, with reports simply saying that a member of the production team had contracted the virus.

Vanity Fair just reported that it is Robert Pattinson who is ill, while Warner Bros, which had confirmed that production was halted after someone tested positive, has yet to respond to the reports.

When will The Batman resume?

Typically, the quarantine time when a person tests positive for coronavirus is two weeks. As for the resumption of production, we will have to wait and see how the study progresses. Each study seems to handle positive tests a little differently, but it stands to reason that it is difficult to continue without the star of the film.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has been speculated that returning to the production of blockbusters would be difficult, given the large number of people on set at any given time. Superhero movies are even more challenging, given the frequent need to sit for a long time in the makeup chair or the intimate contact with numerous people who help them put on and take off the makeup, tight suits or platforms necessary to simulate the flight or other superhero skills.

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The CW, which is co-owned by Warner Bros. and airs several WB superhero shows, including its highest-rated series, The Flash, has indicated that they will look for ways to reduce person-to-person contact when writing the love scenes, scenes of fighting and other circumstances that would make social distancing difficult.

Recently, The Batman director Matt Reeves said that shooting delays due to the coronavirus pandemic had not caused any noticeable changes in The Batman.

It should be remembered that Batman was the last big reveal of the DC FanDome, and it got fans excited about the upcoming Matt Reeves movie. The trailer revealed not only the Batman costume Robert Pattinson will be wearing, the overall tone and vibe of the film, but it also revealed our first look at Catwoman, Penguin, and more, and we even got to see the Batmobile again.

Reaction to the film appeared to be overwhelmingly positive, and we hope it can be filmed again soon.


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