Robert Kiyosaki: I Get More Bitcoins As Price Drops


Robert Kiyosaki, author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” , commented on the markets.

Kiyosaki, one of the famous names in the investment world, shared a post on his social media account and made a comment about the stock markets, gold and crypto money markets.

Kiyosaki, which warns stock investors against a “new Coronavirus wave,” said that gold and Bitcoin prices are also beginning to decline. But Kiyosaki implied that this works for him, saying that ” he gets more Bitcoin as the price drops . ”

Waiting For The Rise

Robert Kiyosaki has been making bullish comments about Bitcoin for a long time. A few weeks ago, he made a comment about the future of the market and made a prediction about the price of Bitcoin.

Emphasizing the “insufficiency” of the Federal Reserve (Fed) , Kiyosaki Bitcoin thinks that gold and silver prices will rise in the medium and long term. According to his estimates, we will see that the price of ounce of gold increased to $ 3 thousand within a year, and the price of Bitcoin to $ 75 thousand within three years.


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