Robert Griffin III Calls “Ki” To Super Bowl-Winning Executives


For Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s a Super Bowl or a loss every year they take the field.

But with superstar receiver Tyreke Hill leaving the team early this offseason, the Chiefs face a tougher title battle in the upcoming season.

According to NFL analyst Robert Griffin III, Mahomes needs to establish serious chemistry with his new team if the Chiefs want to host another Super Bowl in 2022.

“Patrick Mahomes wants to win EVERYTHING every year. To do this without Tyreek and only one of his top four WR’s from last year returning to Mecole Hardman would be LEGENDARY. With a bunch of new faces, CHEMISTRY WILL BE KEY. Mahomes, Kelsey and Andy Reid are ready to wear their Walter White,” RG3 wrote on Twitter.

After losing the AFC championship to the Cincinnati Bengals last season, Mahomes and the Chiefs were unable to play in the Super Bowl for the first time since 2018. AFC West Division.

What are your expectations for Mahomes and the Chiefs in 2022?


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