Robert Downey Jr. was saved by his wife.


A few years ago Robert Downey Jr. went through some very difficult times. Fortunately, he was able to count on his wife who saved him by giving him a crucial ultimatum.

Confronted with his addiction problems, Robert Downey Jr. was often drugged and drunk on the sets of his films. The actor experienced a real descent into hell. In addition to consuming illicit substances, the interpreter of Iron Man went through the prison box. At the time, the comedian was good at hiding his problems, so much so that his wife Susan didn’t notice anything when they started dating in 2004. “He was clean and sober, completely professional when he worked. and outside of working hours, he was just a funny guy, “she said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2009. But things quickly changed.

Susan eventually realized that something was wrong and decided to issue an ultimatum to her husband Robert Downey Jr.: “I met Darth Vader in the space of a minute. I told him it wasn’t. was not going to work between us. I made it clear to him that in order to be with me, nothing like this could happen. ” Encouraged and supported by his companion, the actor therefore stopped everything for love: “I think he achieved what we had.” The two lovebirds subsequently married in August 2005 and welcomed their two children Avri and Exton. A nice story. And for more news, find out why Robert Downey Jr.’s wife found him weird when they first met.

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