Is what Robert Downey Jr. said about Taylor Swift true?


Is what Robert Downey Jr. said about Taylor Swift true? Improper! The actor charged against the songs of the singer.

Fans will bet each to defend their stars. But the truth is what one of Marvel’s most famous heroes, Robert Downey Jr. said about Taylor Swift, who by the way is often strongly defended by his fans.

The actor Downey Jr. was the guest star of the program of the conductor Ellen DeGeneres, “The Ellen Show”, in a special broadcast that had him in charge of conducting the full program as part of the campaign to promote his new film, “Dolittle.”

The actor who brings Tony Stark to life in the Iron Man films kicked off the show with a little monologue about the lives of some animals.

According to the American actor, producer and singer, he learned some curious facts about wildlife during the recording of Dolittle, information that he explained could not be included on the tape because it was “risque” data.

Already when he was approaching the end of his explanation about the life of animals, insects and arachnids, he explained that 75% of the female spiders devour the male after copulating. “The spider literally eats its ex (…). This has been seen in other species such as the Taylors Swifts. But no, she is not cruel (…). Just write a song about yourself (…). It’s a very sweet species, ”said Robert Downey Jr.

The acid comment of the American actor was due to the most recent compositions of Swift, who wrote them taking as inspiration his love breaks. And although the artist has not responded, her fans soon came out in her defense.

Although the truth is that Robert Downey Jr. has not commented on the reactions caused by his monologue and the point he made against the singer.


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