Robert Downey Jr. confirms he will not return to the MCU


Bad news for Marvel and Iron Man fans. Robert Downey Jr. has confirmed that his career in the MCU is well and truly over.

With Iron Man dead in Avengers: Endgame, we suspected that this movie would be the superhero’s last appearance in the MCU. But some fans still had hopes that Tony Stark and his performer the legendary Robert Downey Jr. could make some cameos in the future. Sadly, the actor just shattered that dream.

In an interview for the Smartless podcast, Robert Downey Jr. spoke about his involvement with Marvel Studios. The actor said very categorically that this one was “completely finished,” implying that he had no future plans in the MCU. No matter how much time jumps and alternate universe exploration that upcoming Marvel films may offer, Downey Jr. will not be one of them.

Fans will have a chance to see him again on the big screen soon, however. Iron Man should indeed make an appearance in Black Widow, the next Marvel film which will be released in October. But that cameo would actually be a cut scene from Captain America: Civil War. The opportunity still to find one last time the two Avengers who sacrificed themselves in Endgame.

A new face for Iron Man?

Iron Man may not have completely disappeared from the MCU, however. Theories claim that an alternate version of Tony Stark could be featured in the Secret Wars comic book adaptation. Iron Man, however, seems inseparable from his charismatic performer. So, will Marvel Studios try to convince Downey Jr. to put his armor back on? Or will they dare to offer this role to a new actor? The Secret Wars project has not, however, been officially confirmed. For now, we will have to mourn Iron Man and his actor.

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In the meantime, Downey Jr. could join another successful franchise. According to some rumors, the actor has indeed expressed the wish to be in the cast of the next Star Trek. He could find another Avenger colleague there, since Paramount would have approached Brie Larson (Captain Marvel). In the meantime, we will find Downey Jr. in the cast of Sherlock Holmes 3, which will be released in December 2021.


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