Robert Downey Jr. allowed his children to shave their heads, and there is a video


Robert Downey Jr. decided to let his children shave their heads, and there is video evidence of this.

Robert Downey Jr. is not afraid to take risks by becoming the characters he takes; his roles in “Chaplin” and “Tropical Thunder” proved it. While Downey Jr. was preparing for his next role, the “Avengers” actor decided to let his children participate in this action. They took part in the physical transformation of RDJ by shaving his head. Viewers might have doubted that this happened if there wasn’t a video showing the process.

The former MCU star logged into his Instagram account to share a nice moment between him and his kids. Robert Downey Jr. is about to start filming the HBO Max series “The Sympathizer.” Of course, becoming a character is a mental and physical transformation. The prisoner of war’s game is no different, but he has involved his young children in his physical transformation. RDJ decided to let his kids shave their heads for the upcoming role. Watch the video clip to see how events unfolded when the movie star’s children used various tools to make their father bald.

The ending conveys the spirit of Halloween. His daughter’s mischievous look said everything about this moment. Of course, holiday shenanigans are nothing new for Downey Jr., since earlier this year he dressed up as an Easter bunny. Turning Downey Jr.’s head into a painted pumpkin lantern would be a great solution for any child. The craving for a pumpkin is heavy, as seen at the beginning of the video, so the deal with the father of three children for an improvised carved pumpkin because of money, toys, etc. generally worked. RDJ was willing to pay his kids for sincere fun to celebrate All Saints’ Eve like any dad.

But let’s talk about Downey Jr. and his new bald spot. The Doolittle star looked good with a clean-shaven head. He has a great head shape to create a shiny dome. With the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, RDJ would be a good Lex Luthor if Jesse Eisenberg decided to abandon the Man of Steel sequel. For novice hairdressers, his children have done a decent job from the first shave to the clean and shiny scalp of the star. If Downey’s children don’t follow in the footsteps of their famous father, they may open a barbershop in the future.

In the HBO series, Max RDJ will play an unnamed role, as well as act as an executive producer. Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Sympathizer will tell about the life of a mole from North Vietnam, starting with the Vietnam War and ending with his days in Hollywood and his return to his homeland. It is unknown who will join RDJ in the series and when it will premiere.

Just because he’s starring in a TV series, Robert Downey Jr. hasn’t done away with the movie screen. He will return to cinemas in 2023 for the filming of the star-studded biopic Oppenheimer. While the audience is waiting to see what happens next with Downey Jr., you can go back to his days as Iron Man by watching Marvel movies in order. This year, the “Iron Man” star has not starred in any film, except for an appearance in Robert Downey Sr.’s documentary “Senior.” Check out the upcoming films that will be in theaters in the last months of 2022.


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