Robbie Amell is open to returning to Firestorm Arrowverse


Actor Robbie Amell, who played the superhero Firestorm at the start of the series The Flash, who sacrificed himself to save Central City early in the series’ second season, revealed in a conversation with the Comic Book Resources website that it is open to return Arrowverse if The CW is interested in your return.

Robbie is a cousin of also actor Stephen Amell, who played Oliver Queen for eight seasons in Arrow. In the conversation, he also revealed that his cousin misses acting on The CW series as Green Arrow.

“I am very proud of my cousin, I think he did something incredible. I know he misses it, but at the same time, it was probably the right time to go. ”

Robbie said he still maintains contact with the series’ production and even Danielle Panabaker, the actress who played his on-screen wife, Caitlin Snow.

“I would love to come back, whenever it works, but there are great people and supporting characters in The Flash. I never want to be the guy who comes in for a few episodes and steals time from other people who deserve it. I’m still in touch with the people in charge and with Danielle. I would love to go back, but who knows when and how. It would have to make sense for everyone.

What do you think of the return? Would you like to see Firestorm back on the Arrowverse?


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