Rob Zombie’s Munsters completes the shoot with new photos of Herman, Lily & Grandpa


Rob Zombie confirms that filming of his “Munsters” relaunch is complete, showing new looks at Herman, Lily and Grandpa. The original “Munsters” aired for two seasons on CBS from 1964 to 1966. Over the years, several attempts have been made to restart the cute family of monsters, but none of them could match the success of the original. Zombie, who is best known for his grisly R-rated horror films, is the latest director to attempt the impossible, with Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa in the new PG-rated film.

The exact plot of the “Munsters” is still unknown, but Zombie was constantly updating information during the preparation for filming and shooting schedules. The first teasers appeared in the form of the film’s logo and photos of the construction of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, the mansion of the titular family. In the end, fans saw the redesign of Herman, Lily and Grandpa for the first time, which removed some of people’s concerns about the fact that he is engaged in a family franchise. Zombie kept fans in the loop when he completed filming with supporting characters like Jorge Garcia (Flup) and Catherine Schell (Zoya Krupp), and now the director has reached another milestone.

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Zombie announced on Instagram that The Munsters have officially finished production. The director said that he was flying home from Budapest, where a reboot had been filmed since November 2021. In addition to the news, Zombie shared three new images of Robak, Sheri Moon Zombie and Phillips in costumes. Check out the director’s original post below:

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Herman, Lily and Grandpa are getting a fresh redesign for the Zombie reboot, but the outfits of the characters are not that far from what they saw in the 60s. Zombie has previously stated how passionate The Munsters project is for him, which explains why the first trailer for The Munsters recreated the 60s intro almost frame by frame, except for the inclusion of Eddie and Marilyn. Zombie has yet to confirm whether these two original characters will play a role in the reboot story. However, in another way to honor the original show, Pat Priest (Marilyn) and Butch Patrick (Eddie) have both been chosen as new characters for the reboot.

New footage from¬†Munster were a refreshing change of pace from the usual secretive process of filming in studios, but finishing the film with production is arguably more exciting. The first trailer for “The Munsters” didn’t give many clues about the film’s history. However, now that filming has been completed, the next trailer should be released soon to give fans a better idea of what awaits them this fall. With Halloween season fast approaching, Universal will likely begin ramping up a marketing campaign for Munsters in the coming weeks.