Rob Zombie & The Munsters Reboot Recreates a TV Show and a Classic Intro in a Fun New Video


Reboots, sequels, sequels and historical quelas are all an integral part of the horror genre, from the most recent Halloween trilogy to the film “The Exorcist”, which is in development, and the upcoming “Production” by Dan Trachtenberg. (Oh yeah, prequels too.) But even in this case, there is something mysteriously intriguing in the fact that hard rocker Rob Zombie has taken up a full-length reboot of the classic 60s series “Munsters”. And, as has been repeated many times, the first full teaser released by Universal Pictures for The Munsters is a delightful recreation of the memorable opening credits of the TV show.

As seen above, Rob Zombie has created a loving version of the Munsters’ opening, in which each family member emerges from their iconic residence at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, accompanied by their cast. There’s no reason to be grateful here, since this is obviously not a TV show, but let’s note that the featured trio of frequent zombie collaborators are Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster, Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster and Daniel Roebuck as Grandpa. And although there are obvious differences from the original, they look pretty cool.

I like how amazing even the facade of the house looks in the teaser, especially with such a clear black-and-white image that it seems that the 1960s TV series has undergone a monumental remastering. Visual effects also play a role in “revealing” that the film will definitely be full-color, and we get a great shot of the three characters in all their saturated splendor.

It’s unclear at the moment when Rob Zombie’s “Munsters” will bring “Dragula” to theaters, but stay tuned to find out more and check out our 2022 movie premiere schedule to see what other major projects are coming soon.