Rob Manfred Announces Decision on Automated Strike Zone


Major League Baseball actively advocated the transition to an automated strike zone to replace error-prone referees.

Today, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred addressed the idea of introducing an automated strike zone. At the end of today’s owners’ meetings, he said that he did not see this issue being included in the agenda for next year.

Major League Baseball recently formed a competition committee that will monitor rule changes. But the automated strike zone will not be one of their topics.

As a result, there will be no automated strike zones in Major League Baseball in 2023. Now any changes will take place no earlier than 2024.

MLB fans are ambivalent about the idea of automatic strike zones anyway. Some are sure that MLB referees will never allow the league to implement them, as it will cost them their livelihood.

“The Ampas will never allow this. But there must be something automated to evaluate shots that clearly fall outside the zone, i.e. amps can miss something by the width of the ball outside, for example, but the electronic system will mark it if they announce any kick. further out of the zone,” one of the users replied.

Others believe that a more effective solution would be to simply allow coaches to challenge suspicious kick and ball announcements.

“Implement it like cyclops in tennis. Each team gets multiple tasks. It takes a few seconds to review. If implemented with a pitch clock, it won’t add more than a minute or two to game time,” wrote another.

Sooner or later, there will be some big changes in the approach to the strike zones. But not this year.