Rob Lowe Reunites with His Baby for New Netflix Comedy, Calls It All “Surreal”


Rob Lowe has been working in the entertainment industry for quite some time, participating in various projects on television and in cinema, which connected him with some of the most famous figures of show business. For his new show on Netflix, he was able to reunite with his son John Owen Lowe on the small screen, which made Unstable “surreal” for him.

Rob Lowe explains what it’s like to work with his son again

The real father-son duo plays a father-son duo in Unstable, where Rob Lowe’s character tries to recover from grief with the help of his son, who is trying to save the family business, and also escapes from his father’s shadow. During the premiere of the new comedy, Lowe told Entertainment Tonight about working with his son, admitting that it was “surreal” and a dream come true with executive producer Victor Fresco. Lowe said:

I mean, it’s a dream come true to be able to work with my son. For him to create something with Victor, and I like it. And how is it taken? That’s the thing! It was fun, we like it, but you never know [how it will end], and the reaction was stronger than I could ever have hoped.

It’s always nice to see actors working together with their family members, and Rob and John Owen are no exception. The two, as well as Rob’s other son, Matthew, have been having fun on social media, including when it comes to dad jokes. These fun interactions take on a new form when Unstable and father work with son. It was first announced that the two would reunite on screen almost a year ago, and this is just the last project they worked on together.

Projects that Rob and John Owen have worked on together so far

Rob and John Owen Lowe previously starred in the short-lived Fox comedy The Grinder, only they didn’t play father and son. Instead, John Owen portrayed the niece’s boyfriend of Rob’s character. Now that they’re playing father and son in Unstable, we can take a look at their real dynamics, as well as some surprises.

Behind the scenes, John Owen Lowe is acting as the writer of the series “9-1-1: Lone Star,” so it’s a real family affair in a Fox drama, especially when Uncle Chad Lowe directs from time to time (or even guest stars as his brother’s brother). ). Despite the fact that working with the family can be both successful and unsuccessful, it seems that it has become a hit for the Low family.

Since Rob and John Owen are working together again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Junior Lowe appears as a guest on “Lone Star.” Since the role of Owen Strand’s son is filled, John Owen will have to play another character. For now, at least they’re together in Unstable!

It will be interesting to see how Rob and John Owen Lowe’s real-life relationship mirrors their on-screen relationship when “Unstable” premieres on Thursday, March 30 with a Netflix subscription as part of the Netflix 2023 TV schedule, so be sure to watch it. .


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