Rob Kardashian thinned: he wants to register in a specialized center!


Rob Kardashian seems to have made a new decision this year! The thinned young man wants to lose weight to feel better!

Rob Kardashian thinned, wishes to breathe new life into his life! The star can count on the support of her sisters.

Rob Kardashian thinned, made a big decision. First, he plans to enroll in a specialized center. However, Kim Kardashian’s little brother has been missing from our radars for several years. Indeed, the young man gained a lot of weight. Depressed, he fought against his demons. So, we never saw him again in the flagship program broadcast on E! : keeping up with the Kardashians !

Rob Kardashian therefore decided not to reveal his life on TV any more. However, he had appeared in other shows such as Dance with the Stars. However, he had regained self-confidence when he went out with the sulphurous Blac Chyna. Their broadcast stopped suddenly after their chaotic break. The young woman still has not digested this sudden end and she started legal proceedings against the Kardashian clan.

Rob Kardashian wants to enroll in a specialized center to lose weight. He would like to feel better about himself. Kim Kardashian’s brother has been suffering for years, but he’s determined to change! A source said, “He knows his diet is the problem and is really trying to be healthier. He wants this year to be the year he cares about him. He wants to be healthier for Dream. ”

Rob Kardashian does not take this decision lightly. “He thinks that a fitness and health program in a center may be the best solution for him. If he starts to lose more weight by exercising and changing his diet, he believes he will be able to stick to it when he returns home, “said the source again. The star intends to return to the front of the stage. However, he can count on the support of his mother and sisters who are always present in his life. So he wants to make his daughter happy. In conclusion, Rob Kardashian does indeed wish to achieve his first resolution in 2020!


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