Rob Cohen Refuse Guilty To Sexual Abuse


Fast and Furious” director Rob Cohen came up with a sexual assault on a girl called “Jane” He denied accusations of sexual assault in the lobby against him, including the victim’s allegations.

“I never attacked, raped, drugged or harassed anyone,” Cohen said.
Cohen, who was accused of sexual harassment after meeting in a cigar lounge in New York in 2015, said: “He never claimed to be in a cigar club and never was there with ‘Jane’.

Cohen ” I hope, and I hope that people who know me, work with me, or simply think it will be an untrue and unconfirmed story, ” Cohen said. “This is a story of a hateful girl and a mother. ”

Cohen “I’m still praying that my daughter will find peace and happiness, so she can release herself from this network of truths and lies, live her life completely, and hate herself freely.”

Cohen’s lawyer, Martin Singer, responded to the allegations in the Huffington Post’s story in a 13-page letter: The proposed story is a frantic slander that makes extraordinarily disturbing allegations that my client is involved in sexual harassment and criminal abuse. and any other inappropriate behavior that is strongly objected or rejected by my client. ”

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