Roald performs a Meme Ping in Funny Animal Crossing: New Horizons Animation


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons is full of charming villagers, although many fans have a soft spot for a dumb penguin named Roald. Now one player is Animal Crossing: New Horizons inserted Roald into the Pingu viral meme by sharing a stunning animation online.

In the Pingu meme in question, the beloved penguin makes his trademark Chickpea sound, and then stares blankly into the camera while intense music is playing. Usually, combined with the realization that something bad has happened or is about to happen, this Pingu meme has been seen everywhere in recent weeks, and the animated character is experiencing another surge in popularity. Considering that Roald is also a penguin, he is perfect for the role of Pingu.

Although there were other wonderful animations of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this animation was created by Reddit user Qugmo. At the beginning of the nine-second clip, players see a cute, less detailed version of Roald looking away. He then makes a Noot Noot Ping sound before turning to the camera, with the same music from a recent meme playing in the background. A new version of Roald is then shown as the camera zooms in on his face.

Nooo, but this is Roald from AnimalCrossing

Gone is the cute, quickly drawn version of Roald that was seen at the beginning of the clip, as Kugmo shows Roald in close-up, where you can see an incredible amount of detail. Not only does his red shirt have the right texture with lines and fine details, but some shadows are used to add realism to Roald’s eyes and beak. Since the animator has fully internalized what made the original meme work so well, it’s no surprise that the Animal Crossing community: New Horizons showered the post with praise and left more than 14,000 votes.

In the comments, the players were quick to theorize about what had so stunned Roald. A well-received comment from Ame0toko suggests that this is Roald’s reaction to a hostile player approaching him with a net. This is a reference to a popular tactic that players use to get unwanted residents to move out, as a sufficient number of hits on them with a net will anger them at the player, which will increase their chances of leaving the island. Others said that this version of the meme was more terrifying than the version starring Pingu, and some players were concerned that the carefree Roald was worried about something.

The perfect version of the original animation from the teleport, this version of the meme will be perfect when something goes wrong with Animal Crossing players: New Horizons. While a few penguin villagers could have worked on this animation, Roald turned out to be the perfect choice as he looks both adorable and scared.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already available on the Nintendo Switch.