RM’s smile surpasses one million likes on Instagram


RM, a member of BTS, shared a new photo of his smile on Instagram, which has already managed to exceed one million likes.

There is not a day that BTS is not a topic of conversation on social networks and today was the exception, because it was RM who has achieved a new milestone on Instagram, which has caused great joy to the ARMY, the name by which they are known group fans.

A few days ago we let you know in La Verdad Noticias that RM fell in love with the ARMY with a new selca that he shared on his Instagram account, which was accompanied by a message from the idol, in which he wished all his followers a good day .

But what really caught the attention of said photograph is that the leader of the Bangtan Boys showed off a big smile before the camera, which is why he received thousands of compliments on Instagram, because it cannot be denied that the idol looked more handsome than ever .

RM makes the ARMY fall in love with her smile

Almost a week has passed since RM shared this selca on Instagram, but today it is again a trend on social networks because ARMY realized that it has managed to exceed one million likes on the platform, which represents a new milestone for him. rapper.


ARMY did not hesitate to celebrate this new achievement of the idol, because almost immediately his publication on Instagram went viral again, which unleashed a new wave of compliments from the fans, who did not stop flattering the smile he showed before the camera, same that fell in love with more than one.

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Once again, Kim Nam-joon, 26, is able to paralyze social networks with a photo of his smile, even if it has been present in his publications for a week, which shows the great affection felt by the fans for this idol, who besides being very talented, is also attractive and that is something that he knows how to capture on camera.

Do you like this selca from RM on Instagram? Do you consider the idol to be an attractive man? Leave your answer in the comments.


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