RM’s reaction to getting a kiss on the forehead


Through social networks, RM’s fans have shared an adorable moment that the leader had with one of BTS’s idols.

Since RM, the leader of the boy band BTS, turned 26 years old on September 12, his loyal fans and ARMY took to social networks to share unforgettable moments of one of their favorite idols, even some girls relived what they It happened on a rapper’s birthday.

Through a Twitter account that is dedicated to one of the members of the most popular group of the moment, you can see a very funny moment that has captured the attention of the girls, as one of the boys had a detail with Namjoon.

RM of the K-Pop band BTS, for being the leader of the South Korean group, has captivated the ARMY, for the occurrences he makes, although because his birthday was a few days ago, his fans did not hesitate to remember a moment of the idol .

RM and a BTS idol drive ARMY crazy

Due to the birthday of the leader of the boy band BTS, a Twitter account published a funny moment to celebrate the big day of his favorite idol. In that clip you can see Jungkook giving a tender kiss on the forehead to the celebrant, who began to laugh at what happened.

There is no doubt that the members of the South Korean group have formed a beautiful friendship since they began their great dream of being one of the most prominent and popular bands of the moment, because in addition to their commitments they enjoy having fun, which is why ARMY has fascinated them their occurrences.

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Despite having passed a few days since the birthday of RM the leader of BTS, the ARMY likes to share adorable moments of their favorite idol, because there is no one who can resist the beautiful smile of the rapper, who is now 26 years old. Did you find the video adorable?


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