RM’s “Achilles Heel” at In The Soop Attention ARMY


Find out what happened to rapper RM, the leader of the group BTS, during one of the episodes on In The Soop.

RM, the leader of the South Korean group BTS, is one of the most charming and fun boys, although on certain occasions the activities he does go well for him, the truth is that for the idol some things have been a challenge, because that is how he gave himself to meet in In The Soop.

In the recent episode of the show, the member of the K-Pop band has shown his facet to carry out different housework, but there was something that was too complicated for him, despite being a very intelligent boy, he had some problems in the kitchen.

And it is that, the idol RM of the South Korean group BTS, has been characterized as one of the responsible idols in the boy band, he is even a genius to have diverse knowledge, but now in In The Soop he has revealed one of the skills that he does not has.

BTS’s RM shows off his “Achilles heel”

The fans of the group BTS have been very entertained and aware of the situations that happen with each of the idols in In The Soop, but something that caught all their attention was what happened to rapper RM, who had difficulty cutting off a melon.

The member of the K-Pop band decided to take a tutorial through his cell phone to discover how to cut the delicious fruit. The rapper finally knew how to do it, but then another problem arose since he could not close the container where he put the pieces of fruit.

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There is no doubt that RM, the leader of the BTS band, is a boy who seeks to solve the obstacles that stand in his way, as he made it known in the episode of In The Soop, showing that he has despite not having the ability to cut a melon, was able to solve the problem with a tutorial.


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