RM, youngest songwriter with the most songs recorded


Singer Kim NamJoon, better known as RM is one of the youngest artists to register his work in Korea’s major association.

The KOMCA or Korea Music Copyright Association has welcomed RM as one of the youngest Korean artists to register his work, this famous being one of the most talented singer-songwriters, from an early age he became part of Big Hit Entertainment.

However, now he has taken a new step in his career, as the Seoul-native rapper has used all his talent to create songs through rap, and turn them into melodies that conquer the ARMY.

According to Rex Nation, Kim Namjoon is the youngest musician to have the largest number of songs in said association, which seeks to protect and defend the creative work of artists.

How many songs has RM composed?

There are 162 songs that have been registered under his name, so it is a very important recognition for the interpreter, who is not only the one who has registered the most songs, but is also the youngest of the entire KOMCA.

I Like It, Mic Drop, Idol, Save Me, Danger, Outro Wings, and Not Today, are just some of the more than 160 successful songs of the BTS leader, who record after record are conquering the world.

In fact, his recent single along with the Bangtang boys called “Dynamite”, has also positioned itself as one of the most played songs in recent days, and in less than a week it already has more than 200 million views on Youtube, and ARMY is going for 300 million views, to surpass Taylor Swift with the mark of most views in less than 13 days.

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Without a doubt RM is more than just passing fame, but he is truly an artist and great songwriter, for which Korea should be very proud. Do you like RM’s songs?


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