RM worries fans after comments about his weight


The BTS rapper may be letting his insecurities gain strength, but his fans have motivated him to take care of his health.

The BTS leader has sparked his fans’ concern after the idol shared some of the habits he has adopted in his quest to stay at an ideal weight and thus look better during his shows.

RM wants to show an amazing image to his followers, however some of his recent posts and comments have led ARMY to believe that the idol may be having a bad time because he is trying too hard to lose weight.


The guys from BTS have been very active on social media, mainly on Weverse , where they have shared several posts with their followers and also left some comments in response. The BTS rapper was no exception, but what he said has caused some concern.

The idol once mentioned that despite being committed to his exercise routine and doing it for 5 days a week, his weight remains the same , but at that time he was hungry so he informed that he would go to enjoy a good meal and then he would worry about it again.


In addition to this event, the idol visited Weverse on another occasion to share a little more about the habits he is implementing, so he revealed that after six in the afternoon he no longer ate. Given these statements, RM fans have voiced their concern for the idol’s well-being and health.

For that reason, they have expressed their love for the BTS rapper , letting him know that he does not have to neglect his health while trying to lose weight, since his fandom is loyal and will always remain by his side , also adding that for them, he It looks incredible.



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