RM wins a special award for his connection to art

RM’s donations are always inspiring and extremely special to the causes he helps, this time they won him an award.

Every ARMY knows very well Namjoon’s interest in the arts and new learnings, so visiting museums is one of the hobbies he enjoys. This year has been difficult for many people in various sectors of the population and he was willing to help the world of artistic culture.

A few months ago, the BTS leader supported the National Museum of Modern Art with a donation of 100 million Korean won, showing his good deeds and the caring heart that sets him apart.


The idol recently received an award for his actions from Arts Council Korea. It is an award that recognizes his commitment to the artistic world and thanks him for his contribution.

The 2020 Patron of the Arts award represents one of the many achievements that the idol has obtained throughout 2020 and that his fan has celebrated with encouragement.

If you want to remember more of the most important moments of BTS throughout the year, at Rex Nation we present a brief summary of their activities that made them shine throughout these 12 months.

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