RM wants to go to Mexico and ARMY asks Carlos Slim for BTS concert


The leader of BTS moved ARMY with his recent statements, the fandom again asked Carlos Slim for an idol show in Mexico.

Namjoon interacted with BTS fans in a live broadcast, he mentioned that the group would go anywhere in the world and ARMY all they would have to do is call, the fandom responded by trending Carlos Slim on social networks, does BTS come to Mexico?

In early January 2021, ARMY organized a movement to bring Bangtan Sonyeondan to Mexico and the person they decided to ask to make their dreams come true was the important businessman Carlos Slim .

The impact of the Mexican ARMYs campaign reached RM. The leader of the K-pop band hosted a live broadcast with fans, where the rapper chatted and talked about new projects.

During the live, the ‘Dynamite’ interpreter mentioned that he really wanted to come to Mexico , he even showed his happiness and emotion. Without a doubt, a moment that will remain forever in the heart of ARMY .

I really want to go to Mexico, anywhere you call us we will go


The entire Mexican fandom of BTS once again asked Carlos Slim to bring the Big Hit Entertainment agency group, they published memes, videos and remembered the visits of singers and rappers to the country .

The ARMY movement managed to break social media. On the Twitter platform, RM’s name was trend number 1, while Carlos Slim ranked 5, both mentions recorded thousands of user interactions.

Previously, Namjoon showed his love and interest for the Aztec country, a few years ago on Twitter he published photographs of BTS’s passing through the territory, in the descriptions he added messages of love for Mexican fans , such as ‘See you later’ and ‘Bye Mexico ‘ .


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