RM turns Jin into a new meme with help from ARMY


RM turns Jin into a new meme with help from ARMY. ARMY’s creativity made the meme RM had in mind when he saw Jin’s photograph come true.

The members of BTS were able to observe the result of their photo shoot, but RM had the idea for a new meme that their fans made possible.

In a previous episode of BTS’s RUN , the boys designed fun costumes for a photo shoot done by themselves. They didn’t know who would have to wear each outfit, which added extra fun to this game.


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During the new chapter of this video series , the members of the idol group came to see the printed photos that were chosen by the staff. In a space set up as an exhibition hall, some easels were placed holding white squares, but by lifting the paper over them, members were able to observe their photographs.

The group revealed one by one the images they took during the session, which gave them the opportunity to analyze them carefully and share their opinion about each one.

But when it was time to see the photo of Jin, RM mentioned that it would be nice to see an edit with Jin in the same pose but flying in the blue sky.

Seokjin knows that the group’s fans don’t miss one, so he quickly asked Namjoon not to mention it because his fans would actually do this photo edit and use it as a meme .

A short time later, the idol’s prediction came true , as some ARMYs shared on social networks the result of a fun moment with the image of Jin and his editing programs.

When the BTS members exchanged the costumes they prepared for the photo shoot, none of them wanted to wear Jin’s chosen outfit, but this idol even tried to sell their design .

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