RM turns BTS boys into adorable snow ducks


Namjoon had fun in the snow making figurines of various ducklings and shared his adventures on BTS’s official Twitter.

The leader of the Bangtan Boys took advantage of the cold weather and winter snow to play outside for a bit, RM made some snow ducks and dedicated them to his fellow BTS members.

RM is a determined and professional idol , most of the time he is inside the studio working on new music with the producers of the Big Hit Entertainment agency, with his peers and takes advantage of his free time to visit a museum or art galleries.

The winter is one of the ember of the ideal year to go if you love about the weather or just stay home and enjoy a drink calientita. Apparently winter is one of Kim Namjoon’s favorite times , the idol shared a fun activity with snow .

Through the official BTS account on Twitter, he shared a set of 4 photos in which 7 very well aligned snow ducks appeared , they had the same shape and none was adorned with accessories or winter motifs.


RM added in the description of the DTS photographs , he changed the B from BTS to the D for duck. Netizens welcomed the new K-pop band that will be the sensation, will you be a DTS fan?

The rapper confused ARMY , since he also added in the message an emoji of a cloud with snow and a chick, the fans weighed that the person who made the post had been Jimin and not RM , the hashtag #JJOON confirmed that the person responsible was the interpreter of ‘Tokio’.

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In Weverse, explained that the dancer waited a long time for snowing in Korea South and come out to make ducklings of snow , fans believe that he made using a special machine to give that lovely silhouette.

Namjoon’s images quickly surpassed 700 thousand likes, they also accumulated 300 thousand likes and a large number of interactions in the comments section, where ARMY expressed their love for the ducklings and the BTS member .

A few days ago, the members of BTS shared their hopes for 2021, each sending a powerful message for fans to start a new year with good energy.


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