RM to have his own book show at Kyobo for his birthday


Kim Namjoon fans organized the ‘aRchive’ project to celebrate the idol’s upcoming birthday surrounded by books and good stories.

RM’s birthday is approaching, the singer of the song ‘Dynamite’ turns one more year of life on September 12, so fans of the Big Hit Entertainment rapper are already preparing some surprises for that special day.

One of the most famous and largest fanbases in China planned a dynamic inspired by the personality and tastes of the idol originally from the city of Sangdo Dong, Seoul, South Korea, we will tell you what it is about.

Inside a Kyobo bookstore, the ‘aRchive’ collection is displayed, a special compendium of books that are selected by ARMY, who worked hard to create this project for RM’s birthday.

The bookstore where ‘aRchive’ is located is in the Jongno Gu neighborhood in the city of Seoul, South Korea, this is an area famous for being full of activities and tourist attractions such as large museums.

The small and cute establishment is decorated with images of the leader of BTS reading different novels, stories and stories, the business is decorated with emotional phrases that Kim Namjoon has said and that have been marked in the hearts of ARMY.

Inside the shelves of the bookstore there are different books of varied genres, in addition to celebrating RM’s birthday, fans want to invite the public to enter the magical world of reading.

‘aRchive’ is the first collection of books dedicated to Kim Namjoon and his love for letters, the Chinese fanbase published different images and videos through social networks to invite all the curious to be part of this surprise for the rapper from the Bangtan Boys.

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