RM tells you what to do if you’re criticized for being a fan


The BTS leader has some advice for fans who feel misunderstood. The experience of becoming a fan of a musical group is something that may seem difficult to understand until you live it for yourself. RM knows this and is aware that some people use this situation to tease others or make them feel uncomfortable, but Namjoon has some advice for everyone facing this situation.

The boys of BTS always share some of their best learnings with the group’s fans, so that their experience can be of help to other people, and what better way than to help those who give them their unconditional support?

For this reason, when an ARMY told RM that him love for BTS was not understood by a special person in him life, he offered him words of comfort and shared his perception of the situation.

The BTS fan went to a fan meeting and told Namjoon that him boyfriend didn’t understand the way she felt about the idol group, but in addition to advice, RM made him reflect on what she was experiencing.

The idol said that, from him point of view, understanding was a very important aspect that should exist in every relationship, so if a person is not willing to give him their understanding, then she did not deserve to be by him side.

Do not be with someone who does not accept your likes. If someone loves you, they will accept you as you are.

Just as BTS is always willing to give their best advice to the group’s fans, the members can share their experiences and find comfort from their fellow members, Jin revealed when talking about the friendship they have created over time.

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