RM teaches the tender caresses he gives to his true love


BTS’s RM showed how cute he can be when something motivates him, and they captured it on video.

RM is one of the most recognized musicians today, as the interpreter of “Persona” has more than 160 songs written, which has made his fans around the world recognize him for his talent.

But the leader of BTS is also popular for his charisma and his way of being, as he can go from being a joker, to a serious leader, and of course, a very affectionate subject, and one of the recent videos that went viral on twitter proves it.

In this clip we see Kim Namjoon romantically caress the love of his life, the microphone with which he sings, while he stares at it, showing how grateful he is with the music, and with everything that a simple microphone has led him to be today in day.

“I don’t know if they realized it, but namjoon stroking the microphone, he looks so small” his fans published.

Watch the RM video

Without a doubt, the singer looks more tender than ever in the video, because it shows that he also has his sensitive side, imagine, if he caresses a microphone like that, as he will caress when he finds that girl or boy who makes him feel very special.

For now, while that moment arrives, we can enjoy the music of Rap Monster, because this interpreter has made ARMY do everything for him and the band, in fact as part of the celebrations of RM’s birthday month, his fans brought the song “Persona” to 70 million views, a totally unique achievement.

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But this has not been the only record of the bts leader, because together with the bangtang we have also seen him achieve several goals, such as the most played video in less than 24 hours, this with the recent release of Dynamite.


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