RM talks about the girl who broke your heart


RM was not as confident in himself as he now shows as a member of BTS, so his first love was not so easy.

BTS member RM openly told the story of his high school girlfriend who broke his heart and changed the way he views love.

Of course, this girl dated RM before the band’s debut, so we don’t know anything about his side of the story.

But if what RM says is true, we don’t blame him for wanting to focus on himself instead of finding love right now.

RM has openly admitted during the BTS interview that he felt a good dose of that big teenage euphoria seeing this girl.

She was one of the popular girls in school, so when he became interested in RM, it was a great feeling for him. The two got together and for a while they were happy.

Was RM jealous of that girl?

Part of dating one of the most popular girls in school is dealing with her many friends.

Unfortunately, many of them were men, so the future Bantang Boy felt some jealousy seeing her spend time with her male friends.

It had nothing to do with mistrusting her girlfriend. In fact, RM was not the same confident leader as BTS fans see him today, and he had many insecurities in this relationship.

It didn’t help that his girlfriend had different values ​​than his, fueling more arguments.

All the arguments and insecurities led to the relationship falling apart.

As he himself has said in interviews: “it is as if a circle and a triangle are trying to become a square and we do not observe well in that process”.

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While RM acknowledges that his insecurities often outweighed him, he truly felt that his girlfriend had an “unacceptable” relationship with her male friends.

Came to BTS as a more mature man

The reason RM talked about this relationship is because the experience was key in helping him overcome his insecurities.

RM knew he needed to improve his self-esteem after the breakup. For him, it is difficult to love another person if he does not love himself, so he worked on his confidence and became the icon of self-love as we know it today.

When RM talked about their past relationship, the members of BTS’s ARMY were amazed at how honest and smart the Idol is when talking about something as simple as breaking up from high school.


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