RM takes ARMY to a very interesting art show


BTS’s RM attended an art gallery, the rapper shared his experience with ARMY. Namjoon is known for his deep love of artistic expressions, be it writing, poetry, painting, and sculpture. The rapper is a fan of knowing more about art and some of its most important exponents.

The leader of BTS is inspired by different stories that come from tales, legends, novels and paintings to create tracks full of emotions that make his fans feel very identified with his lyrics.

As part of his work with the Bangtan Boys, RM usually attends various art galleries, museums and libraries to explore new proposals by different artists and it is even known that if a work is to his liking, he acquires it right then and there.

Recently, Kim Namjoon visited an interesting pictorial exhibition, the BTS member shared his experience with ARMY from all over the world through the Weverse and Twitter platforms.

The idol posted some images of him seeing the works and standing observing the theme of the installations, RM wore black sandals, beige shorts, a green shirt and a black hat. In the description the interpreter of ‘Reflection’ wrote:

It’s me

RM went to the exhibition ‘Shining Pillars’ by creative Seungjo Lee and is on display at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts in South Korea, the series of works are defined as:

‘Train travel’ is the key phrase of this exhibition, Seungjo refers to train travel as a change of time and space. The reference is to the moment when a train passes and the landscape of the place passes through the window and this becomes in time and space, in something different, towards a future time.

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