RM surprises with his great talent for the English language


BTS leader is known for his ability to hold conversations in English, but his talent goes further. RM took an exam to test his knowledge of languages ​​and his result was really high, ARMY showed their admiration for the rapper.

BTS members have found various methods to keep in touch with their fans around the world, from planning comebacks, performing online concerts, and live broadcasts. Namjoon took to his social media to reconnect with ARMY and showed that he is a very smart guy.

At one of his most recent lives, the BTS leader revealed some of the activities he has been doing lately to entertain himself, have fun, stay fit, and more, including RM revealed that he had taken a test called TOEIC .


The idol said that he only took the test for fun and announced that he had scored a 915 out of 990 that is possible.

This is the Test of English for International Communication, a test to assess the skills of a person whose native language is not English. Namjoon’s result was surprising in being close to the maximum possible number, but it also turned out to be well above average.

According to statistics in South Korea, the average that students obtain is a score of 682, while those with the most outstanding tend to be around 850 points. Without a doubt, the leader of BTS has continued to practice and use his knowledge to improve his performance in the use of the English language .

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