RM and Suga pose for FILA and FESTA 2020


RM and Suga have posed for FILA and  BTS news for FESTA 2020 . RM and Suga have again posed for the FILA brand , sporting pullovers and wielding tennis rackets as they show their beautiful smile to the camera.

Check out the images of the two idols below:

On the other hand, BTS has shown the following updates for FESTA 2020 that you can see below:

BTS x Hyundai


In turn, the designer QUANTEZ posted on Instagram a photo of Suga wearing her pendant in Daechwita :

Also, they uploaded the Fake Love choreography for MAMA 2018 :

Lastly, Jungkook published a “profile” of his for FESTA 2020 that you can see below:

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