RM is still exceeding and revealed own current studies


RM is still exceeding and revealed own current studies. ARMY is happy to know that the idol continues to fulfill his dreams and increase his intellect.

BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups and they are currently in the middle of the promotions of their new album ” Map of the soul: 7 “.

However, it seems that his free time not only occupy him to vacation or enjoy his hobbies, Namjoon , leader of the group, has found the way to follow one of his passions: art .

During the conference of MOTS 7 , the idol revealed that much like the Modern Art and is currently conducting studies in this area.

ARMY knows that Namjoon has visited several museums and exhibitions , even in the midst of BTS travel , there is time to get to know the work of some artists. It is not yet known what specialty he is taking, whether it is a course or a career, but the fans are proud.

In social networks, some ARMY have congratulated the idol, because he knows that it is not easy to be in a group and take care of the school , but he has found the time to do it, an example that you can follow your dreams regardless of anything.


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