RM stars in a funny moment and the idols react


Through social networks, they released a funny video of RM with the other BTS idols while they were eating.

The BTS idols, in addition to sharing the stage, also share funny moments due to the various videos that they boast on social networks, so in a recent post that ARMY uploaded on Twitter, it evidenced what RM did that caused the laughter of the other members .

Through an adorable video shared by the fans of the K-Pop group, they revealed what the boys do when they enjoy a delicious meal, because in addition to the jokes that are made, there can be no missing occurrence of some of the South Korean boys .

In that video that the ARMY shared on a Twitter account dedicated to the idol RM of the BTS band, it can be seen that Suga, V, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope and Jungkook were at the dining room table, when the leader of the boy band did something unexpected that caused laughter from the other members.

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RM stars in a fun moment

In that funny publication you can see the boys of the K-Pop group enjoying a delicious meal, but when they realized that RM blocked the camera, the idols began to make various comments about what happened, while the South Korean leader only began to laugh.

The video has more than 116 thousand views, so the ARMY was fascinated by the occurrences that one of their favorite idols makes, since on several occasions the 26-year-old rapper stars in funny moments with the other members of the group K-Pop.

The leader RM of the South Korean band BTS, is so charming that each video that ARMY shares on social networks manages to excite users, as they enjoy having fun with the adorable reactions that the rapper has in the activities he does with the boys.

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