RM shows its sensitive direction with support from ARMY


Through social networks they have released some photographs of RM, the idol of BTS, when he received emotional messages for his birthday.

RM of the South Korean group BTS, is such a charming boy that he drives the ARMY crazy, due to his personality and because of the occurrences he makes with the other idols of the group, because in Somagnews we have shared those memorable moments of the artist.

And, the South Korean rapper has had the support of his loyal fans, who closely follow the publications made by the official Twitter account of the most influential boy band of the moment, although some fans have resorted to sharing various photos and videos .

In one of the publications you can see the reaction that the idol RM of BTS had, when the singer received various very emotional messages on the occasion of his birthday, which was on September 12, as a follower of the artist made an emotional publication.v


BTS’s RM almost cried over ARMY messages

The 26-year-old South Korean singer, since he became known as the leader of the K-Pop band, has won the hearts of the girls and their fans, who have expressed that in addition to his talent on stage He is a very charismatic and kind boy.

In that publication you can see the rapper who was about to cry because of the emotional messages he received on his birthday, because every time he has the opportunity to interact with the ARMY, he always appreciates the expressions of affection he has received.

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RM from BTS is a boy who has managed to make girls fall in love with his way of being, he is always supporting the ARMY by sharing emotional words to encourage each of his fans, as he is the best leader of the K-Pop band, because This is how his followers have expressed it.


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