RM says goodbye to his BLUE hair Discover his new look!


Through social networks they announced the new hair color that RM, the leader of the South Korean band BTS, wears.

RM, the leader of the K-Pop band BTS, caused a stir after having painted his hair blue, for a few weeks the South Korean rapper showed off his new look, which caused great emotion to his fans, although in a recent interview , the singer was seen with another color.

We remember that the idol of the famous group, wore his blue hair in the official video for “Dynamite”, so his style took the ARMY’s breath away, but now that the dancer decided to leave that dye behind, he looks very handsome, although some girls prefer to see him with his blue hair.

RM of the South Korean group BTS is so attractive that he has managed to conquer the hearts of his admirers, because every time he changes his look, he looks like a true heartthrob, although it should be noted that the girls wanted the rapper to have that blue color for a long time that blends perfectly with your eyes.

This is what RM looks like with his new look

Through social networks, the girls have shared various before and after photos of the leader of the K-Pop band BTS, even Namjoon has become a trend to announce that he returned to the dark color of his hair, forgetting about that blue tone, which at the time left the ARMY very much in love.

The new hair color that RM of BTS wears captivated the girls, although some liked the blue tone of his hair, but, there is no denying that the rapper is such a nice and charming boy that with any look he looks very handsome and perfect. Do you like how the leader of the band looks now?

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