RM reveals what will happen if BTS boys fight over a girl


RM reveals what will happen if BTS boys fight over a girl. Find out how RM would react if he and his fellow BTS members were in love with the same girl.

BTS has stood out for being a group where there is love and respect among its members, so in a situation as uncomfortable as fighting for the love of the same girl, the idols commented on what would be the reaction of each one.

In an interview conducted in 2017, “Dynamite” performers revealed how far they would go in order to win the heart of their ideal girl and if they would get to fight with their bandmates.

The successful Boy Band of Big Hit Entertainment have undoubtedly experienced love in different ways, although they were very inexperienced in love matters, some of them did date if they established serious relationships with girls before being K-Pop artists.

RM vs his fellow BTS members for love

The leader of the South Korean band stated that if Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Suga, Jungkook fell in love with the same girl as him, he would not lower his guard and fight for that relationship.

“If that happened between BTS, since we are BTS, I wouldn’t give up. If that happened, well, it shouldn’t happen. But I think it would go to the end ”declared rap monster.

Currently, the sexy idol has not declared being in any love relationship, but in recent months he has been related to different artists of the medium, with whom he has had encounters or social outings.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was a singer who he was linked with on several occasions, as the couple could have a lot in common, as they have both broken K-Pop stereotypes and have shown great talent and stage presence, but they has shown that there is only admiration for their talent among them.

Another girl he has been related to is Ailee, a famous Korean soloist who has worked with BTS at some events where they were both MCs, but both artists have stated that the relationship was merely professional.

Without a doubt for RM, love is something very important and something worth fighting for. Do you think BTS split over girl problems? Who do you think would be RM’s ideal partner?



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