RM reveals what he thinks of his friendship with an idol


Find out what South Korean rapper RM confessed to the ARMY about one of the members of the K-Pop group BTS.

Since the In The Soop project began, BTS idols have shared unforgettable moments, because in addition to belonging to one of the most successful and influential K-Pop groups, they have also strengthened their friendship, as happened to RM with one of the members.

Through social networks the ARMY has shared what the boys of the boy band do, and that is why in a Twitter account they released what the leader of the group said about one of the members, because without a doubt some the rapper is a good friend.

The idol of the K-Pop group BTS, announced that the beautiful friendship he has with J-Hope, the 26-year-old leader mentioned that Hobi is like water, because he feels so comfortable when he is with him in some activity they have done in In The Soop.

BTS’s RM and J-Hope have a strong friendship

In one of the photographs that the ARMY has shared on social networks, it can also be seen that the leader of the South Korean boy band likes to admire nature with the company of his great friend J-Hope, as they both share certain tastes, which which caused great emotion to his fans.

The idols of the K-Pop band have learned new things in In The Soop, in addition the time they have shared as part of the project, made them more united, as this can be seen in the various publications that the ARMY has shared of some scenes from the episodes.

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There is no doubt that RM the leader of BTS is one of the most charming outings, because in addition to being a successful singer and songwriter, he is also a good friend who can be trusted. Did you find the statements the rapper made about J-Hope adorable?


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