RM reveals the one skill he doesn’t possess in In the SOOP


BTS’s RM might seem like he’s good at everything, but on the show ‘IN THE SOOP’ he has shown a different side where he shared that some housework is difficult for him, like closing a container and cutting a melon.

The leader of the Bangtan Boys is very good in various areas, the idol originally from the city of Ilsan in South Korea, has an IQ worthy of a genius, so he is very good at mathematics, reasoning problems and the arts.

Kim Namjoon is famous for his brilliant brain, on several occasions the rapper from the company Big Hit Entertainment has recommended novels, books, short stories, art galleries and museums to his fans to expand his outlook on life.

Despite the fact that the interpreter of ‘Dynamite’ is very clever, there are things that get complicated, as in everything, some people are better in some disciplines than others. In the series ‘IN THE SOOP’ ARMY met the ‘Achilles heel’ of the idol.

As the episodes of ‘IN THE SOOP’ have passed, BTS fans have witnessed the dynamics of idols within a house and their connection with nature, in addition to showing themselves without the pressures of being K-pop artists .

In the most recent episode of the show, the king of destruction wanted to cut a melon, a fruit that is delicious but has a hard skin, the star decided to split the fruit, but when he started his mission he had some problems. RM didn’t know how to begin.

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Nam took his cell phone and looked for a tutorial to cut the melon, after the test, now he had to put the delicious pieces of fruit into a container, he also encountered some difficulties when placing the lid to close the container.

The BTS composer had a hard time closing the container, putting a lot of force on his activity, in the episode’s subtitles the editors put phrases like:

Surely that will be like melon juice

What did stand out is the perseverance of the idol, because perhaps in other circumstances another person would have put the melon aside and would not have cut it. RM did not seek to increase the problem, he resolved his doubts and moved on.

Recently Namjoon and BTS’s Golden Maknae were awarded a very special project by The Korean Federation for Environmental Movements, we invite you to visit: Jungkook and RM will have their own forests near the Han River.


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