RM reveals details about BTS’s comeback with album BE


BTS’s comeback date has been officially released, the boys are set to make their comebacks in November, and Namjoon talked a bit about the content of the K-pop band’s upcoming album.

After much speculation and rumors about BTS’s musical comeback, the official comeback date of the company idols Big Hit Entertainment was announced today, the Korean pop group will premiere ‘BE’, their record material will be released on November 2020.

ARMY is more than excited about the news, as the album will have some different versions like Deluxe and the presale is coming up, although there are not many details about the concept and musical style of BTS, fans are happy to have more tracks of the grouping.

The new era of ‘BE’ is about to begin, so RM has given some details about the band’s album, as well as his inspiration to create, compose and produce the latest tracks.


Namjoon connected with his fans through a live on the YouTube platform, in less than 15 minutes, the leader of the Bangtan Boys explained a little of the creative process of ‘BE’ and the band’s path to create songs from your record material

RM said that this album has a lot of sincerity, so he is very confident in the effort they put into ‘BE’, he hopes that the public can listen to it with the same passionate ears, the artist hopes that:

The sincerity of this album can somehow be like the seeds of a flowering dandelion

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The idol originally from the city of Ilsan in South Korea let ARMY know that ‘BE’ was in the production stage and there are some pleasant situations and others not, but when he listens to the tracklist of the album he realizes that the new BTS’s music reflects his personality and that of his colleagues.

Music is auditory, these days it is very visual, too many people can enjoy it in different ways and we can communicate our words through various means

The ‘tokyo’ singer hopes that his musical works will reach the hearts of all people intensely, he does not know what result his next promotional song will have, but he believes a lot in the talent of his fellow BTS members.

If you want to know more details about BTS’s next comeback, we invite you to visit: BTS announces the date of their comeback with BE, their new album.


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