RM recommends the most refreshing drinks


RM shares with ARMY the best tips to beat the heat with the best drinks. As part of the promotions of “Map of the soul 7: The Journey”, the leader of BTS conducted an interview for the Japanese fan-cafe, the boys have answered some random questions and as the summer continues in South Korea, Namjoon revealed the most refreshing way to combat the weather.

During the interview, RM had to answer the question “How to fight the hot and cold”, so he decided to share some of the traditional Korean recipes so that the heat does not end with you. They are very easy to recreate and he is a fan of these drinks.

The first thing he recommended was the Hwachae, the Korean fruit punch, it is similar to what is made in Mexico, although it has different ingredients such as flower petals, orange or watermelon juice and tea.

This drink contains whole fruits such as grapes, tangerines, strawberries, apples or kiwis. If you accompany it with ice it is much more refreshing and delicious. Another of the recipes that RM shared was called Bingsu, or Korean ice. Have you seen the raspados or granillo flavors?

Bingsu is similar, but it is prepared with ice, rice paste or nuts, the idol prefers it with coffee and has been eating it during this time of year, because in Korea the summer is very extreme and the temperatures are very high.

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Finally, to combat the low temperatures RM was more direct: wear a coat, as you cannot drink these drinks because it would be much colder. LOL Some ARMYs compared the fact that while he dies of heat, some accompany their days with a hot cup of coffee due to the different climates.


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