RM recommend books, you can read in quarantine


RM recommend books, you can read in quarantine. If you have nothing to do, start building the habit of reading with Namjoon’s list. The quarantine is not over yet and if you don’t know what else to do, these RM recommendations are for you.

Do you read If you are not in the habit of reading or want to start new stories, you will surely like these books. They are very varied and you can entertain yourself with these literary works during your isolation. From science fiction, romance, novels, among others. Namjoon has a very varied taste. We leave you their recommendations:

“Me before you” by Jojo Moyes
A love story that will make you laugh and cry. The plot revolves around Louisa Clark, a girl with dreams and joyous who by fate ends up working for a young man who suffers from complete paralysis. Their coexistence will make them have a unique connection.

“Guide to the Galactic Hitchhiker” by Douglas Adams
If you are a fan of science fiction, geeks, space travel and random things, this saga is for you. You will enjoy it like nothing and the time will fly by, also the books are small.

Arthur Dent is a normal human who is about to lose his house, but discovers that one of his great friends is actually an alien, who saves him from a land demolition, from there, they will begin their adventures through outer space.

“The Catcher in the Rye” by JD Salinger
It is a very crude novel that portrays the changes that adolescents go through, the difficult way to leave the childish side to fall into maturity and try not to fall into the falsehood of people, it even caused great controversy at the time in it was published because of its language.

The book tells the story of a boy who has problems at school, loves his brothers and is indifferent to his parents, on his way, he will try to flee, but something will make him change his mind.

“Those who stay away from Omelas”
The book narrates and describes a dream city called “Omelas”, where there are no injustices, there is no corruption, although its form of government is unknown and there are no shortages of resources and everyone can enjoy them; however, the reality is that everyone enjoys infinite happiness in exchange for a single child being in misery, those who learn the truth, decide to leave the city, some gurden silence in order to enjoy that state of peace .

Although it may be a social criticism of utopia, because although everyone lives in peace and there is nothing wrong, innocent people continue to be sacrificed, in a normal society, there are still injustices, but they are not hidden and people can change things if he sets his mind instead of running away. BTS was inspired by this work for “Spring Day”.

Haruki Murakami
He is a great Japanese author very popular for his novels, you can start with “Kafka on the shore” or “Tokyo Blues”, among others. The author usually addresses the crisis that the human being is going through in a spiritual field and excites, even about madness.

Wings and the MV “Blood, Sweat & Tears” were inspired by the book. The work is about a child who, in order to have a real vision of the world, has to leave his sphere of childish light, he will even realize that material things are a false layer that surrounded him. A stark story about the passage from childhood to maturity. Adult life can be difficult and stark.


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