RM recognizes ARMY’s talent and creativity in art


The BTS leader was amazed at the skills and abilities that BTS fans have, so he reacted to a piece of art.

ARMY is one of the biggest K-pop fandoms, among the ranks of followers there are people who are dedicated to different activities, including artists. BTS’s RM recognized the effort and talent they put into their creations.

Kim Namjoon is an artist who draws inspiration from other top creators to make melodies and tell diverse stories through Bangtan Sonyeondan’s record materials .

One of the favorite activities of the idol from the Big Hit Entertainment company is going to art galleries, museums, explosions of works and priceless collections that allow him to open his mind to new concepts.

Another of the characteristics that identify RM is the closeness he has in the BTS fandom , he tries to interact with ARMY, fill them with joy, hope and a lot of strength in difficult moments.

The leader of BTS also knows how to recognize the abilities of his fans. Recently, on the official Big Hit app, the ‘Dynamite’ rapper complimented a fan’s creative work. We tell you all the details below.


On the Weverse platform, a netizen posted a frame photograph with Jin’s image , the creation had the same colors as the original photograph and the vocalist’s features stood out perfectly.

The message said that the person who had posted the photo was the proud aunt of an ARMY who adores BTS , his niece was in the fifth grade of elementary school and made an embroidery with the knitting technique.


The person added that he was 41 years old and asked users to support his to continue practicing. The image registered a good number of likes, reactions and comments from fans, even RM shared his thoughts on the work.

The leader of BTS wrote in response that a long time ago he did this type of knitting , an activity that requires a lot of concentration, he recognized the talent of ARMY, he said that this creation was better than his.


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