RM receives great recognition as a composer


BTS’s RM is one of the youngest Korean artists to register his musical work with the Korea Music Copyright Association.

The leader of BTS is one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in South Korea, from an early age he began to experiment with different styles and his love for rap led him to be part of the Big Hit Entertainment company.

The rapper from Sangdo Dong in the city of Seoul, South Korea, draws inspiration from art such as books, novels, paintings and sculpture to compose melodies that reach the heart of ARMY. RM expresses his deepest feelings with songs.

All writers must register their works to protect their creation, which, beyond being words, represent hours of work, effort and is an extension of their thoughts, how they perceive the world, their dreams and what they want to communicate to. His Followers.

Recently it was reported that Namjoon is the youngest musician to register the largest number of songs in the South Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), the institution’s function is to protect the work of artists and give them credit for your creative work.

KOMCA is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1964 and its president is Hong Jinyoung, it has thousands of members such as music arrangers and publishers.

Now, Nam of the Bangtan Boys has 162 songs credited to his name, a very important achievement for the idol who is already a full member, which means he is part of the association and receives royalties from his songs every year.

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In addition to the multiple compositions registered under his identity, Kim Namjoon is the youngest South Korean author to belong to the South Korean Music Copyright Association.

Among the tracks written by RM are: ‘I Like It’, the songs that make up his two mixtapes, ‘Mic Drop’, ‘Idol’, ‘Save Me’, ‘Danger’, ‘Outro: Wings’,’ Not Today ‘, among other hits by K-pop band BTS.


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