RM poses in an outfit and shares secrets about his songs


BTS’s RM surprised in an interview where he talked about his experiences writing songs.

BTS’s rap line is heavily involved in songwriting, and each member has a different creative process.

Like Suga, RM seeks inspiration from other art forms, such as dialogue in movies. It is a very personal and emotionally involved process for him.

“Writing songs takes me a long time. That’s why it hurts, body and soul, when I have to throw one away.”


Since January 2020, Suga, J-Hope, and RM are full members of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). Each rapper has over a hundred songs credited to their name, and many of those songs have become BTS’s most successful tracks.

Another point that could not go unnoticed in this great interview was observing the handsome RM in a sensual and expensive suit that enhanced his charms.

BTS’s RM on social media

ARMY is responsible for daily reviving on Twitter and different social networks, the best photos and videos of the handsome Namjoon, better known as RM -Rap Monster-.

The leader of BTS has fallen in love with millions of young girls with his sympathy and charm, without a doubt he is one of the favorite members of the famous boyband.

Namjoon global influencer

K-POP has broken dozens of borders, has reached millions of people and increasingly generates more and more fans around the world, and they have become true icons and role models.

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For her part, RM from BTS usually shares messages of peace and good vibes to her loyal fans, as well as being a fashion influencer because her clothes are replicated around the world.


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