RM outfit in RUN BTS 114 How much does it cost?


The FILA oufit that RM wore on RUN BTS 114 has been the envy of all; Here we tell you how much it costs.

BTS’s RM dress style has been imitated by many celebrities as this member of the world’s most famous K-Pop boy band has the best outfits and he has contracts with large and expensive brands such as FILA.

In RUN BTS 114 we could see RM wearing a white pants, sweatshirt and tennis shoes with red and blue details (characteristic colors of the brand).

The sweatshirt has a cost of 70 dollars, (approximately 1400 Mexican pesos).
The pants cost 61 dollars, (approximately 1200 Mexican pesos).
The tennis shoes are around 67 dollars (1,340 Mexican pesos).

FILA outfit by RM

The total cost of RM’s outfit would be approximately 3,940 Mexican pesos.

Without a doubt, each and every one of the members of BTS have become fashion icons since each one who uses a garment from Gucci, FILA, Saint Laurent, among others, celebrities in other countries do not take long to replicate and buy these pieces to look as amazing as young Koreans.

We recently told you in Somagnews that Christian Nodal with the green Gucci sweatshirt that Jimin used in Dynamite while Carlos Rivera decided to buy the red Saint Laurent jacket that Jimin put on in the James Corden carpool in Los Angeles, California.

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